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D.M. BORTS: They Just Said ‘No’
by Barnes
Article published on 15 May 2019
Section : Europe (general studies)

Our courageous contemporaries in Eastern Europe had clear ideas about the urgency to do away with a malignant growth which usurped their self-powers and which claimed to be indispensable to social well-being. They were less clear about what, if anything, might replace it. The toppling of (...)

David PORTER: The Anarchist Spectre in Eastern Europe
As Old Regimes Collapse
by Barnes
Article published on 15 May 2019
Section : Europe (general studies)

Rarely is an entire region of the world so caught up in the collapse of hierarchical politics as Eastern Europe of a year ago. The infamous “spectre of anarchy” astonished and horrified Communist, dissident and Western politicians alike as millions suddenly demanded control of their own lives. (...)

LIBERTARIAN LEAGUE: Views & Comments #36
by Barnes
Article published on 13 May 2019
Section : 20th Century


No. 36 November, 1959

A monthly publication of THE LIBERTARIAN LEAGUE

Address all correspondence to: VIEWS and COMMENTS

P.O. Box 261

Cooper Station

New York 3, N.Y.


VIEWS AND COMMENTS is printed and published (...)

FIFTH ESTATE: Roger Noël Released
Polish Gov’t. Frees Belgian Anarchist
by Barnes
Article published on 19 April 2019
Section : International Events

Roger Noël, a Belgian anarchist imprisoned in Warsaw since July 5, was set free on November 26th by the Polish authorities after paying a fine of 900,000 Zlotys ($900 U.S. currency). He was accused of smuggling radio material into Poland and was sentenced to three years in jail or the fine which (...)

LIBERTARIAN LEAGUE: Views & Comments #35
by Barnes
Article published on 28 March 2019
Section : 20th Century

Views & Comments

A Libertarian League publication

No. 35 May, 1959

In this Issue:

The "Communes" of Communist China

Second Youth March for Integrated Schools

On the Class War Front


Nationalism vs. Freedom

Workers’ Control: a review

Work and Save

You Can’t Take It (...)

CANTINE, Holley: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
by Barnes
Article published on 3 March 2019
Section : Imagination

Introduction by Communicating Vessels

Inserted in Communicating Vessels, Issue 22, Fall-Winter, 2010 - 2011

Holley Cantine’s short story Double, Double, Toil and Trouble was originally published in the early ’60s in Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine. The story was then reproduced in the (...)

PORTER, David Lewis. - Obituary
by R.C.
Article published on 7 February 2019
Section : PORTER, David Lewis

David Lewis Porter died at home on December 29, 2018, surrounded by his family. He was 79. Dave grew up in the Chicago suburbs attending a school system strongly influenced by the educational approaches of John Dewey. His early years there also began a loyal commitment to the Chicago Cubs which (...)

PORTER, David Lewis
by R.C.
Article published on 7 February 2019
Section : PORTER, David Lewis

Forthcoming :

Kadour Naïmi, Freedom in Solidarity: My Experiences in the May 1968 Uprising transl. David L. Porter. AK Press

PORTER, David. "André Prudhommeaux, Algeria and National Liberation"
by R.C.
Article published on 5 February 2019
Section : Algeria

To examine the possible meaning of "colonial anarchism," I chose to study the explicit words, broader intellectual context and militant roots of a controversial prominent figure in the 1930s-60s French anarchist movement. Though André Prudhommeaux (...)

David PORTER: The Politics of Le Guin’s Opus
by Barnes
Article published on 18 January 2019
Section : Politics and Political Theory

To read Le Guin is to enter a sharply focused world of vivid political drama from individual struggles to cosmic conflict. The following remarks (based on seven of her nine novels and five of her stories) first present the general framework of her political perception, then relate her insights, (...)

David PORTER: On "Leaderless Revolutions" and the Fall of Mubarak
by Barnes
Article published on 16 January 2019
Section : Egypt.- History

"Leaderless revolutions," as seen currently in North Africa, pose important challenges to outside media and to foreigners, generally, seeking authoritative voices to clarify the picture of fast-moving events. But genuine revolutions are made from below, with the myriad energies and objectives (...)

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