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CASEY, Simon David. "Naked liberty and the world of desire: Elements of anarchism in the work of D. H. Lawrence "
Article published on 3 June 2004
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Ph. D., 2000. 268 p. Adviser Michael Kirkham.

DAI-A 61/06, p. 2309, Dec 2000

"The link between D. H. Lawrence and philosophical anarchism is deep and substantial …. The present study takes into account the anti-libertarian side of Lawrence’s politics and argues that even if the whole of Lawrence’s political thought does not fall within the purview of anarchism, the heart of it does. Lawrence’s faith in the essential decency of human nature, his uncompromising support of individual freedom and his intolerance of domination all reflect the essential features of anarchism". A comparison is drawn between Lawrence and Max Stirner, there is an analysis of his critique of state and law, and the place of these ideas in his general political thought is examined: "the focus is not on how Lawrence may have been influenced by anarchists, but on what ideas he shares with them".

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