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DOMINGUE, Jackie Dees. "Doctrine and dynamite: An edition of Louisa Sarah Bevington’s social and political essays".
Article published on 5 June 2004
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Ph. D. thesis, 2000. 444 p. Texas A & M. University. Adviser: Ives, Maura; Machann, Clinton. ISBN: 0-599-73711-5 Source: DAI-A 61/04, p. 1417, Oct 2000

A documentary edition of 30 essays by Louisa Sarah Bevington (1845-1895), some of which appeared in anarchist journals and pamphlets. The "development of her early ideas of self-reliance [is seen] as a response to religious orthodoxy through the transference of those ideas to governmental and any authority that threatened individual liberties.… When her essays are examined collectively, the Victorian as anarchist emerges through her social application of the theory of evolution. The work examines her essays about property, and on exploitive economics. Authorities that support exploitation "should be eradicated, perhaps with the help of dynamite."
P.S. :

Dr. Jackie Domingue, author of the dissertation

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