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BEVINGTON, Louisa Sarah (Guggenberger). (1845-1895). English woman poet and anarchist
Article published on 5 June 2004
last modification on 25 October 2007

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- Bevington, Louise. 5 letters to Louise Michel. 1894, 1895, s.d.International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

- L’Internationale. Copy by Louise Michel of French and English strophes translated by Louise Bevington . n.d. 1 file. International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)


- An Anarchist Manifesto. by [L.S. Bevington]. London:Metropolitan Printing Works. Issued by the London Anarchist Communist Alliance. 16 p. 1895.

- Anarchism and Violence. London: Printed and published by James Tochatti, "Liberty Press", Chiswick, W.1896. 10 p. 1 Penny.

Defends anarchism but condemns the use of violent means

- Chiefly a Dialogue. Concerning Some Difficulties of a Dunce/ by L.S. Bevington. London: "Freedom" Office, 1895. 15 p. New York Public Library

- Common-Sense Country / by L.S. Bevington. London: Printed and Published by James Tochatti, "Liberty" Press. 1895. 12 p. New York Public Library (microform)

A vision of Utopia

- Dame Nature’s Dumb Sermon/ by L.S. Bevington. London: Gee and Co., 1891. 14 p.

Written in 1882, touched up in 1888, privately printed in 1891.

- Key-notes/ by L.S. Bevington. London: C. Kegan Paul & Co. 1879. 137 p.

    • Key-notes. 1879. (poems). L. S. Bevington . C. Kegan Paul & Co. [n.d.]
The British Library

- Liberty Lyrics/ by L. S. Bevington. London: James Tochatti (Liberty Press pamphlets), 1895.

Harvard; New York Public Library

- Poems, Lyrics, and Sonnets/ by L.S. Bevington. London: Elliot Stock, 1882. 159 p.

Library of Congress

- The Why I Ams: Why I Am a Communist by William Morris; Why I Am an Expropriationist by L.S. Bevington
London: Printed and Published by James Tochatti, "Liberty" Press. Second Series 16 p.

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