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GARDNER, William O. "Avant-garde literature and the New City: Tokyo, 1923—1931 (Japan, Kyojiro Hagiwara, Hayashi Fumiko)".
Article published on 5 June 2004
last modification on 21 August 2004
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Ph. D. Stanford University, 1999. 243 p. Adviser: Ueda, Makoto. ISBN: 0-599-61467-6

DAI-A 61/01, p. 189, Jul 2000

"The aim of this study is to examine the connections between literary modernism and urban modernity in interwar Japan. It focuses on the works of two writers, Hagiwara Kyojiro (1899 - 1938) and Hayashi Fumiko (1903 -1951), over the period 1923 - 1931. …The second and fifth chapters will focus on the relationship between individual subjectivity and the social and cultural forms of the modern city, as expressed in Hagiwara Kyôjirô’s two poetry collections, Shikei senkoku (Death Sentence), 1925, and Danpen (Fragments), 1931.

These chapters will also document Hagiwara’s involvement with the anarchist political movement and the avant-garde artists’ group Mavo. … The five main chapters will be followed by biographical information on key persons introduced in the main text, and translations of selected poetry and manifestoes by Hagiwara Kyôjirô and his associates".

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