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GRAUR, Mina. “ An ‘Anarchist Rabbi’: The Life and Teachings of Rudolf Rocker ”
Article published on 5 June 2004
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Ph.D. 1989 Rice University, Director: Gale Stokes. 356 p.

DAI, VOL. 50-12A, Page 4068

“Rocker’s life reflects the development of the various trends within the anarchist movement, of which he was a prominent member. He joined the anarchist ranks at an early age… A disciple of Peter Kropotkin, Rocker established his prominence in anarchist philosophy as the ideologue of anarchosyndicalism, his main contribution being the combination of theoretical anarchist theses with a practical syndicalist platform of action.

…In 1923, Rocker became known internationally due to his role in founding the Syndicalist International, the aim of which was to halt the growing influence of the Comintern”.

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