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HERN, Matt. " Making Space: Radical Democracy in The Megalopolis. An Investigation into Social Ecology and the Creation of Participatory, Self-Designing and Self-Reliant Neighbourhoods within Major Urban Entities "
Article published on 6 June 2004
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(Urban Communities) 223 p. Ph. D., The Union Institute, 1997. Adviser: Nancy Owens

DAI, VOL. 58-06A, Page 2421

“The paper uses social ecology, identified as the fullest expression of anarchist theory to date, as a means for investigating the creation of community control, specifically within a megalopolitan context.

Included is a broad review and synthesis of contemporary and historical literature in anarchism, urbanism, community development, planning, education and ecology.

Anarchist history, self-determination movements, deschooling theory, community development tools, cooperative approaches and the example of my own neighbourhood are threaded together to present a fabric of specific proposals”

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