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LE BLANC, Ondine Eda. " Anarchism, Gender, and the Avant-Garde Word "
Article published on 6 June 2004

by r-c.
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Ph.D., 204 p. 1994. The University of Michigan, Chair: Anne Herrmann.

DAI, VOL. 55-08A,

“those same values that define anarchism also define the aesthetics according to which avant-garde artists attempted to explode bourgeois systems of representation. This study approaches avant-garde literature through the abundant manifestos of the early twentieth century, seeking the anarchist heritage of the declarations or explanations of socio-aesthetic intent of artists including D. H. Lawrence, F. T. Marinetti, and Trista

…Through a study of anarchist documents, avant-garde manifestos, and the 1903 fictionalized memoir of the Rossetti sisters, A Girl Among the Anarchists, Chapter III—"’All of the Insurgents are Men’: The Gender of Anarchism"—investigates the gender of the radical or anarchist individual specifically to demonstrate that individual’s lack of actual universality and generally to explore the question of what or whom is presented; it also entails a discussion of anarchism’s bearing on feminist studies of modernism".

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