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SCHULTZ, K. D. " Revolutionary vs. Evolutionary Anarchism: An Intra-Theory Analysis "

Sunday 6 June 2004

Ph.D., Florida State University, 1984

DAI, VOL. 45-04A, Page 1199

"An intra-theory analysis comparing and contrasting the Nineteenth Century Anarchists with their Twentieth Century counterparts. It is argued that these two groups are not only temporaly but also theoretically disjunct. Thus, an intra-theory analysis is performed to determine what arguments are common to both and can consequently be considered the core of anarchist theory.

This analysis was performed in an attempt to determine if anarchism presents a reasoned theoretical antithesis to political theories that automatically assume power relationships to be a necessary fact of political life.

It is concluded that, although anarchism is flawed in some respects, it does present an explanatory framework premised upon the structural characteristics of power and that this framework can be quite fertile for not only explanation but also prediction".