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McElroy, Wendy. Freedom, Feminism, and the State : An Overview of Individualist Feminism

Monday 6 September 2004

A textbook with many rare 19th and 20th century documents.

Oakland, Calif. : Independent Institute (Independent studies in political economy). 1991 2nd ed. xi, 250 p. ISBN: 0945999682


The roots of individualist feminism in 19th-century America / Wendy McElroy

Women and government. Human rights not founded on sex / Angelina Grimké

Anarchism and American traditions / Voltairine de Cleyre

Give me liberty / Rose Wilder Lane

Antigone’s daughters / Jean Bethke Elshtain

Government is women’s enemy / Sharon Presley and Lynn Kinsky

Women and sex. Irrelevancies / Bertha Marvin

Prostitution / "Danielle"

Women and family. Marriage contract / Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell

Legal disabilities of women / Sarah Grimké

The speech of Polly Baker

Some problems of social freedom / Lillian Harman

Women and birth control. Body housekeeping / Angela Heywood

The persecution of Moses Harman / Stanley Day

Abortion / Wendy McElroy

Women and work. Are feminist businesses capitalistic? / Rosalie Nichols

The economic position of women / Suzanne La Follette.

Protective labor legislation / Joan Kennedy Taylor

Women and the rise of the American medical profession / Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English

Women and church. Cardinal Gibbon’s ignorance / Ellen Battelle Dietrick

Woman’s suffrage. A right to make laws? / Lysander Spooner

Perpetual vassalage / Ezra H. Heywood

Women and war. Patriotism : a menace to liberty / Emma Goldman.