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OSTERGAARD, Geoffrey (1926 -1990) Resisting the Nation State : The Pacifist and Anarchist Traditions (Bibliography)
Article published on 6 September 2004
last modification on 8 November 2004
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London : Peace Pledge Union, Rev. ed. 1991. 38 p. : p., 1 ill. ISBN: 0902680358 (pbk)

"Resisting the Nation State questions the assumption that the nation-state is the ’norm of modern political organisation’. The essay looks at two traditions of political thought and action which have challenged over many centuries the concept of absolute sovereignty of institutions over individuals and the supposed right of such institutions to coerce individuals to fight in war. The connection, as well as distinction between pacifism and conscientious objection is discussed, as is also the reltionship between anarchism and socialist and liberal thought. Pacifism and anarchism are shown to converge in the latter-day ’nonviolent revolution’, whereby a truly human community is rediscovered at all levels from the global to the local. " (Peace Pledge Union)

1. pacifism, pacificism and anti-militarism

2. sectarian origins of pacifism

3. pacificism and the peace movement

5. conscription and the nation state

6. the co formula

7. anarchism as a social movement

8. anarchism as a tradition of political thought

9. society and the state

10. the anarchist view of the state

11. the anarchist view of the nation and of nationalism

12. anarchism and violence

13. convergence of pacifism and anarchism

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