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CHRISTIE, Stuart. Biography

Sunday 12 September 2004, by ps

Born in Glasgow 1946; anarchist, activist, writer; hitchhiked to Madrid in August 1964 with a rucksack full of explosives meant for an attack on Franco; arrested by the Spanish police and sentenced to twenty years, but granted pardon in 1967; arrested again in London in 1970 for allegedly being a member of the Angry Brigade (a terrorist group) and charged with conspiracy to cause explosion, cleared after a long trial in 1972; editor of the Cienfuegos Press, Sanday, Orkney Islands.


International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

Correspondence 1981; file on his trial in Spain in 1964 and his imprisonment; files on the Angry Brigade trial in London 1970-1972; file on the arrest in Germany of his wife Brenda Earl Christie in connection with a fire in an Iberia airplane 1970; typescripts of his books ‘The Christie File’, autobiography published in an abridged version, and ‘The Floodgates of Anarchy’, written together with Albert Melzer; documents on trials and imprisonment of anarchists in Spain, Italy, etc., and some other subjects c. 1961-1974.

View online : The woolly-jumpered anarchist