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One People, one Country, one Leader
Article published on 9 November 2004
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Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer
In case you’re wondering, these German words, from the Nazis, mean: One People, one Country, one Leader. The banner in the photo means: A Thousand Years of War.

The next few years aren’t going to be pretty.

By a small majority, Americans voted for four more years of war, fear, economic downward spiraling, scandals, attacks against our civil liberties and rights, homophobia, a woman’s right to choose, the environment. Fear ruled; the television Big Lie Machine and right-wing Christian fundamentalism have commandeered a whole country. It all congealed into an electronic Nuremberg rally with millions voting against their own self-interest to affirm the symbols of nation, empire and leader. It is not dictatorship yet, but rather a kind of theocratic-fascist “dictocracy.” But they now have four more years to turn it into full-fledged fascism, with Christian ayatollahs in charge, actively bringing about the apocalypse they claim is coming.

The only thing heartening in this election was that 54,000,000 voters said "No" to militarism, theocratic fundamentalism, and empire. It’s now time to take that sentiment back into the streets. There is no opposition party; we have to be an opposition MOVEMENT! Time to keep fighting! Voting took a few minutes. Working for peace, freedom, and justice takes a lifetime.

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