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Forget CNN and go for Televangelism
Article published on 22 November 2004
last modification on 21 November 2004

by r-c.
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There is a defining moment in the life of every news organisation that marks a coming of age. In the case of CNN it was the opening bombardment of the first Gulf war. The upstart cable channel went live to Peter Arnett in Baghdad, while the traditional broadcast networks could only watch from their New York studios in shock and awe. In the case of the Manchester Guardian, it was the day in 1959 when the
paper reached beyond its Mancunian roots to become a national newspaper. And in the case of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson’s daily evangelical news broadcast, it was November 3 2004. The day it became clear that George Bush had won a second term.

This day formally marked the transformation of The 700 Club. No longer could it be viewed as an outlet of relevance only to the loony Christian right. Not only did it join the ranks of the mainstream media. In many ways it supplanted them. Suddenly, if you seriously wanted to take the pulse of America, you had to tune your TV to the news division of televangelism.

arrow On web : Read Guardian’s article "Pat Robertson and televangelism"

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