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BA JIN (pseud. of Li Pei Kan (1905 -10/17/2005 ). Chinese Writer. A Bibliography
Article published on 26 October 2003
last modification on 26 November 2005

by r-c.
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"I do not write to earn a living or to build a reputation. I write to
battle enemies.

"Who are they? Every outdated traditional notion, every irrational system
that stands in the way of social progress and human development, and every
instance of cruelty in the face of love. These are my great enemies.

"My pen is alight and my body aflame. Until both burn down to ash, my love
and my hate will remain here in the world."


(1905- )



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9620403118 (pbk.)


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Ba Jin’s suffering under political repression by the Nationalists, military occupation and deportation by Japan, and the Cultural Revolution.

-  Xiao, Minghan, "The Deterioration of Upper Class Families in The Works of William Faulkner and Ba Jin," Ph.D., 1989. 450 P. Ohio University; 0167 Director: Lester Jay Marks


Return from Silence: Five prominent and controversial Chinese writers speak on their roles in the modernization of China. (1 hour video cassette available): The life and work of five esteemed Chinese writers whose modern classics shaped China’s past: Ba Jin, Mao Dun, Ding Ling, Cao Yu, and Ai Qing. Produced by Chung-wen Shih, George Washington University. 1982.

* We are indebted to Professors Arif Dirlik, John A. Rapp and Jean-Jacques Gandini for their encouragements and suggestions.

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