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Hakim Bey, Pseud. of WILSON, Peter Lambert (1945 - ).- A Selected Bibliography
Article published on 27 October 2003
last modification on 10 March 2011
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- Aimless Wandering : Chuang Tzu’s Chaos Linguistics . Xexoxial Endarchy - 28 p. Illustrated. Originally published in Fringeware Review (1996)# 10, edited by Erik Davis and Spiros Antonopoulos. Anti-copyright.

The ancient Taoist Chuang Tzu proposed a critique of language which foreshadows our modern distrust of words - and yet transcends it. Here, Bey uses chaos theory & "Taoist dialectics" to analyse the problem of language, and to offer a "chaos linguistics" which in turn may give rise to an ’anarchist poetics

Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism
. 24 p. Illustrated. [-NYC, May 1-July 4, 1984]. Autonomedia, 1985. "Dedicated to Ustad Mahmud Ali Abd al-Khabir"

"This is a reduced facsimile of the original Grim Reaper Press edition, unaltered and complete, augmented by Bob Black’s review, and a note by Jacob Rabinowitz.". Imprint from colophon and label. "Grim Reaper Books.". Source: Gift of Paul Avrich, Mar. 4, 1991.

Nicely done, inexpensive little edition of the essay that eventually spawned the book "T.A.Z." & more. One of the more interesting & thought-provoking works to appear in the anarchist press in the past several years

- Immediatism : essays. Edinburgh : AK Press, 1994.

Every culture (or anyway every major urban/agricultural culture) cherishes two myths which apparently contradict each other: the myth of Degeneration & the myth of Progress. René Guénon & the neo-traditionalists like to pretend that no ancient culture ever believed in Progress, but of course they all did. One version of the myth of Degeneration in Indo-European culture centers around the image of metals: gold, silver, bronze, iron. But what of the myth wherein Kronos & the Titans are destroyed to make way for Zeus & the Olympians? - a story which parallels that of Tiamat&Marduk, or Leviathan & Jah. In these "Progress" myths, an earlier chthonic chaotic earthbound (or watery) "feminine" pantheon is replaced (overthrown) by a later spiritualized orderly heavenly "male" pantheon. Is this not a step forward in Time ? And have not Buddhism, Christianity, & Islam all claimed to be better than paganism ?

- Millennium. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Autonomedia ; Dublin, Ireland : Garden of Delight, 1996.

- Radio sermonettes. Immediatism : essays / by Hakim Bey ; graphics by Freddie Baer.
Published : Edinburgh ; San Francisco : AK Press, 1994. 59 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Notes : Repr. with a new preface. - Originally published as: Radio sermonettes: New York : Libertarian Book Club, 1992. ISBN : 1873176422 (pbk)

- T.A.Z. Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism. Autonomedia (New autonomy series) Anti-copyright, 1985,

  • 1991. viii, 141 p. : ill. ; 18 cm. ISBN : 0936756764 (pbk.)

Contents : Chaos : the broadsheets of ontological anarchism — Communiques of the Association for Ontological Anarchy — The temporary autonomous zone.

  • [2nd ed.] Brooklyn, NY : Autonomedia, 2003. xii, 147 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.
    Series : Autonomedia new autonomy series
    Contents : Chaos : the broadsheets of ontological anarchism — Communiques of the Association for Ontological Anarchy — The temporary autonomous zone.
    Notes : "Anti-copyright, 1985, 1991, 2003"—T.p. verso.

This book contains the full text of Chaos: the Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism, the complete communiqués and flyers of the Association for Ontological Anarchy, and the essay,The Temporary Autonomous Zone.

- Voyage Intentionnel / Overcoming Tourist Hakim Bey - Lamia Naji - Hassan Massoudy [Lamia Naji. 1994]. 48 pages - format 20 x 23 cm. Bilingual French/English edition

The ultimate tourist "trip" will take place in Cyberspace, and it will be CyberGnosisSM - a trip to paranirvana and back, in the comfort of your very own "workstation". Jack in, leave Earth Behind !

On the Web

- Against "Legalization"
- Against the Reproduction of Death
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- Black Crown & Black Rose. Anarcho-Monarchism & Anarcho-Mysticism
- Boundary Violations
- Chaos
- Chaos Myths
- Crime
- The Criminal Bee (Feb. 1993)
- Evil Eye
- For and Against Interpretation
- For a Congress of Weird Religions
- The Information War
- Interview with Hakim Bey
- Islam and Eugenics (Aug. 16, 1997)
- Jubilee Saints Project
- The Lemonade Ocean & Modern Times
- Millenium
- Moorish Mail-Order Mysticism (The Moorish Science Monitor, Vol VII #2 Autumn 1994).
- Nietzsche & The Dervishes
- NoGo Zone
- Note on Nationalism
- The Obelisk (May 1, 1997)
- Obsessive Love
- The Occult Assault on Institutions
- Overcoming Tourism
- Paganism
- The Palempsest
- The Periodic Autonomous Zone
- Permanent Autonomous Zone
- The Philosophy of Evasion
- Poetic Terrorism
- Primitives and Extropians
- Pyrotechnics
- Quantum Mechanics & Chaos Theory Anarchist Meditations on N. Herbert’s Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics
- Radio Sermonettes

- Ontological Anarchy in a Nutshell
- The Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory
- Post-Anarchism Anarchy
- Religion and Revolution
- Immediatism
- The Tong
- Immediatism vs Capitalism
- Involution
- Imagination
- Lascaux
- Vernissage
- "Raw Vision"
- An Immediatist Potlatch
- Silence
- Critique of the Listener

- Resolution for the 1990’s: Boycott Cop Culture!!!
- Ringing Denunciation of Surrealism
- Seduction of the Cyberzombies (Aug. 18, 1997)
- Sorcery
- The Temporary Autonomous Zone
- Tong Aesthetics
- The Utopian Blues
- Wild Children

Writings as Peter Lamborn Wilson

- A Network of Castles
- Against Multiculturalism
- The Anti-Caliph
- Ayahuasca Reading
- The Caravan of Summer
- Crisis of Meaning
- Cybernetics & Entheogenics: From Cyberspace to Neurospace
- Globalism, Tribalism and Autonomy - A discussion between Peter Lamborn Wilson and Konrad Becker.
- Irish Soma
- Introduction to the Sufi Path
- Islam and the Internet
- Media Creed For The Fin De Siecle
- Media-Space! Opening Speech
- Secrets of the Assassins

Interviews with Peter Lamborn Wilson

- A telephone interview with Hakim Bey conducted by Mordecai Watts
- Hakim Bey Talks with users of Public Netbase — March 18,1995
- Hakim Bey vs. Enzo23: An Interview
- Interview from Millennium
- Interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson
- Sakhra-l’Assal Interviews Peter Lamborn Wilson

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