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Berry, David. "French Anarchist Volunteers in Spain, 1936-39: Contribution to a Collective Biography of the French Anarchist Movement" - Appendix 4 -

Forty-two French members of the Centurie Sébastien Faure

Tuesday 12 April 2005, by ps

Angelo, Joseph No further information.
Blot, Roger No further information.
Bonin, Raoul No further information.
Carbonic/Carbonie, Lucien No further information.
Chatelain, Lucien Having gone to Spain early on in the civil war, Chatelain died in combat in March 1937. Representatives of the Union anarchiste, the anarchist Comité pour l’Espagne libre and le Libertaire attended his funeral.
Colder, Jacques Colder was a member of the CNT.
Couillard, Henri No further information.
Danné, Jules No further information.
Dejoucklere, Désiré No further information.
Ducourneau, Gabriel No further information.
Duvernet, Georges No further information.
Ethes/Etaes, Louis No further information.
Ferrero, Emile No further information.
Foilleret, Roger No further information.
Gessaume, Georges According to the DBMOF, a Georges ‘Gesseaume’ volunteered to fight in Republican Spain, fought at Zapadores and was posted missing at Tortosa, 26 July 1938.
Goirand, Jules The anarchist Goirand, also known under the pseudonym Transcoserp, was 41 in 1936. He was a member of the Century probably from its creation until at least the end 1937.
Grignon Grignon was the ‘political delegate’ of the century in February 1937
Grimalt, Paul No further information.
Hachon, Gaston No further information.
Jorat, Georges This was the pseudonym adopted by the 16 year old Georges Sossenko in order to prevent his parents tracking him down. He was present at Caspe, at Azaila and on the Ebro.
Léger, Robert Born in 1915, Léger was a member of the Conseil de la Chambre syndicale des cuisiniers (CGT) in Paris, of the Jeunesses syndicalistes and of the Jeunesses anarchistes comunistes, and originally went as a representative of his union to work at the International Brigades’ HQ as a cook. [1] Forced to leave for political reasons, he went to Barcelona, where he worked for internal security and border control. At some point - though it is unclear exactly when - he was also a member of the Centurie S. Faure.
Lemoine, Marius No further information.
Lesenne, Alfred No further information.
Letdely, Fernand
Leyteron, Jean
Martin, Jean A Martin - but which? - was delegate of the Century at the end of 1936. Jean Martin was still at the front in July 1937.
Martin, Paul See above.
Mayol, Jean Mayol was a member of the Century from early on in the war until at least the end of 1937.
Monnard, Georges Monnard was delegate of the ‘1st Century’ of the IG of the Durruti Column (ie. the S. Faure Century). He was killed in an attack on Quinto in December 1936, having only joined the Century a short while before
Montagut, Marcel Is this the same Marcel Montagut who was a member of the Union anarchiste in Paris and managing editor of le Libertaire in 1930-32?
Mougeot, André Mougeot was a member of the Century around July 1937.
Neveu, René-A. Neveu was a member of the Century around October 1936.
O., S. O., S. was a member of the Century around July 1937.
Odéon, Pierre The 33 year old Odéon was a leading member of the UA, the Comité pour l’Espagne libre and, later, Solidarité internationale antifasciste. At the front at Caspe in August 1936, he helped create the Century. Having returned to do propaganda work in France in September, he rejoined the Century and took part in battles at Farlete and Perdiguera
Ortolani, René No further information.
Patou, Lucien No further information.
Roche, Georges Joseph Roche was with the Century from October 1936 to January 1937. When arrested on his return to France, he told police he had been ‘recruited’ by the UA.
Rohard, Fernand No further information.
Rousseles, Albert No further information.
Segara, Augustin
Turmo, Antoine The anarcho-syndicalist Turmo was a member of the Century until at least November 1936.
Wittner, Alexander No further information.

[1Most of the 19 other volunteer cooks sent to Albacete were also either anarchists or revolutionary socialists - we know nothing more about them.