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BEVINGTON, Louisa S. "In Memoriam"
Liberty Lyrics. London: James Tochatti’s “Liberty” Press, 1895. 16 pp.
Article published on 5 May 2005
last modification on 24 April 2015

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In Memoriam

Mad, as the world calls mad,
See Anarchy’s few;
Fighting the False and the Bad
In all that they do;
Forging a way for the Glad,
The Pure, and the True.
Bolder and clearer it grows—
The Anarchist task;
Liberty’s plausible foes
To assail and unmask;
Handing the torch as it glows
To all who may ask.
Great! oh, exceedingly great,
The Anarchists’ claim!
Fusing the falsehood of State
In unquenchable flame;
Breaking the fetters of fate
In Humanity’s name.
Breathing with fiery breath
On the mannonite crew;
Fearless, in splendor of faith,
Of the worst they can do;
Blesses, in life and in death,
O beneficent few!

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