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BEYER-ARNESEN, Harald ( - May 11, 2005)
Article published on 26 May 2005
last modification on 1 November 2005

by ps

Editor of the Norwegian journal Lonnslaven ["Wage slave]

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Beyer-Arnesen contributed in significant ways to a variety of
anarchist activities in Oslo, and been a torn in the eye of quite a few
bosses. Largely due to blacklisting in the health sector where
Harald worked the last years as a waged wage slave, he had some
time left over for discussions and debates, in cyberspace and

Harold described himself as an "anarco-syndicalist and anarchist
communist ...inspired by social revolutionaries from Iran, Iraq,
Afghanistan and India, and the reading of too many books during
the last decades about the past and contemporary history of this
troubled part of the world."


- "Direct Action: Towards the understanding of an

Deserves a careful reading

- "In Capitalist Terror and Madness; George bin Laden & Osama son
of Bush incorporated"

- "Syndicalism in Norway", Anarcho-Syndicalist Review