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GARCIA, Miguel García. Unknown heroes: biographies of Anarchist resistance fighters
Article published on 17 July 2005
last modification on 19 March 2007

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Miguel García García (1908-1981)
Picture: Recollection Books

ISBN 1-873605-83-8 A5 pamphlet, 20 pages.

Kate Sharpley Library, BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX, England

Kate Sharpley Library, PMB 820, 2425 Channing Way, Berkeley CA 94704, USA


Introduction: Miguel García García, the one that got away

Manuel Lecha Blanch

Lorenzo López Noguero

El Negret and El Valenciá

Santiago García Gasco

El Catalá

Caraquemada (Burnt Face)

José Pérez Pedrero

Carballo Blanco

César Saborit Carrelero


- Libertarian Histories [the execution of five members of the Tallión Group, 1952]

- Nine Trade Unionists Executed in Barcelona [Protest leaflet]

Meet "Burnt Face," "Bread Swallower" and "The Catalan" ˆ just a few of
the Anarchist militants of the resistance to Franco. Having survived the
struggle against fascism in occupied France, they took the fight back to
Franco’s murderous system. They also paid the ultimate price, in ambushes
by the ferocious Guardia Civil, facing the firing squad, or in the cells
of the secret police.
Miguel García (1908-1981) was not a historian of the Anarchist resistance
to Franco, but a participant. He was part of the Tallión (’Revenge’) urban
guerrilla group which fought in Barcelona until their capture in 1949.
Nine members of the group were condemned to death. Of the four reprieved,
one was Miguel García. After serving twenty years (to the day) he left
Spain in 1969, determined to return to the struggle. He acted as the
International Secretary to the newly reformed Anarchist Black Cross and
wrote pamphlets like "Spanish Political Prisoners" and "Looking back after
Twenty Years of Jail", followed by an autobiography, "Franco’s Prisoner".
These biographies first appeared in "Black Flag", the bulletin of the ABC.
Here he tells the stories of some of the anarchist militants who ˆ from
the end of the Spanish Civil War to the 1960s ˆ never surrendered to
dictatorship. They form a tribute to fallen comrades from one who very
nearly joined them. They are also testimony to a struggle still scarcely

"This pamphlet will become an essential reference for historians. It also
makes for a fascinating read."

Paul Preston, author of Comrades! Portraits from the Spanish Civil War

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