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MARZOCCHI, Umberto. Marzocchi’s Remembering Spain : Italian Anarchist Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
Article published on 19 August 2005
last modification on 9 July 2006

by ps

Expanded second edition. Translated by Paul Sharkey. London: Kate Sharpley Library ISBN 1-873605-98-6, Anarchist Library #11

Marzocchi, a veteran of the struggle against Mussolini’s blackshirts, was
involved in the supply of arms to Spanish anarchists at the start of the
Spanish Revolution. Alongside other Italian anarchist exiles, he fought on
the Aragon front from October 1936 until 1937. This is his account of
those important and bloody days. It also covers the counter-revolution of
May 1937 in Barcelona and the Communists’ murder of Camillo Berneri.
This new edition has been expanded with a timeline of Marzocchi’s life
from the Italian anarchist newspaper Umanità Nova.