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SHATZ, Marshall. "Mikhail Bakunin and the Priamukhino Circle: Love and Liberation in the Russian Intelligentsia of the 1830s"
Article published on 29 October 2005

by r-c.
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Canadian-American Slavic Studies 33 (1999) 1:1-29.

There was a conflict of generations in the Bakunin family. Mikhail was expected to enter state service and the girls to be properly married. With some friends, Mikhail and his four sisters constitute the Priamukhino Circle - named after the family estate - which was in close links with the Stankevich Circle.

Mikhail fought against his family to protect his sisters from loveless marriages. And also for his independence.

All this may have influenced him later in life, when he tried to create an anarchist society that would also be fraternal.

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