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SALZMAN, George. "THE Number 1 Problem — Destruction of the global ecosphere"

Unless we, the world’s peoples act, there will be no tomorrow

Friday 25 November 2005, by ps

"Beyond the limit: they went too far"
Jan Theuninck
Illustration: Jan Theuninck "Beyond the Limit"

The world, the physical world as our grandparents and our parents knew it, is rapidly, precipitously, coming to an end. There will be catastrophes of a scale that, by comparison, will reduce to insignificance the destruction of New Orleans and an extended part of the Gulf region triggered by the mammoth hurricane Katrina. The evidence, the overwhelming evidence for the coming collapse of global human society is in my opinion at this point beyond any rational doubt. And this unprecedented tragedy is coming about not as an act of God but as a result of the dominant ideology of so-called Western Civilization.

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