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April 13-15, 2006 Pitzer College, Claremont Ca. "International Anarchist Academics and Activists Conference"
Article published on 22 December 2005
last modification on 15 September 2009

by r-c.
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Call For Papers and Participants

Next April, anarchist academics and activists will gather for three
days of culture jamming, music, film, art, panel presentations,
discussions, lectures, and demonstrations. Whether you are an anarchist
or just curious about anarchism, all are welcome to participate. The
The purpose of the conference is to strengthen connections among anarchists
on the streets and in the academy, to sharpen the anarchist critique of
the present, to deepen our understanding of the origins and history of
anarchism, to stimulate further activism, and to present the anarchist
vision to a wider audience. The conference will take place on the
campus of Pitzer College, which is one of the five undergraduate
institutions collectively known as the Claremont Colleges, and the host
of Anarchy Archives.

The conference will begin with some culture jamming of our own.
Students at Pitzer have begun organizing a “Whirl” down the aisles of a
local marketing behemoth where we will form a conga line with empty
shopping carts and raise awareness about the high cost of low prices.
Then, for the next three days there will be continuous live music,
films, presentations and discussions. The topics will be as wide
ranging and diverse as the anarchist movement itself. If you would
like to present a formal paper, make an informal presentation about
activist projects, join a panel discussion, or simply soak up all the
conference has to offer, please contact Dana Ward as
soon as possible. There is no formal deadline or format for proposals,
but the earlier you respond, the easier it will be to schedule
presentations. If all you want to do is attend the conference, it would
greatly facilitate planning if you would also contact Dana Ward
soon. Space will also be made available for book
sales and for activist groups to distribute literature and information
about their activities.

Keynote speakers include: Alan Antliff, John Clark, Josh Connole, and
Sharon Presley. Marianne Enckell of CIRA will organize the film
festival, and Wolf Edwards will be the music master, including a
performance of an original composition produced for this conference.

arrow On web : The website with full details about the conference will go online February 1, 2006

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