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ISCA, Valerio (June 22, 1900 - June 13, 1996)
Article published on 23 December 2005
last modification on 23 April 2015

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Valerio ISCA

- Valerio. An Extraordinary Ordinary Man. The Dandelion, vo. 6 (Oct. 2005) n° 23.

Michael Coughlin, "Such Marvelous Stories"
Chuck Hamilton, "A Tattered Paperback & Valerio"

Frederico Arcos, "He Was Steadfast In His Principles"

Archivio G. Pinelli, "Italians Remember Their Friend"

Archivio G. Pinelli, "Valerio’s Bequest"

Ronald Creagh, "Valerio Was Patient With Me"

Paul Berman, "Kropotkin & Thoreau Were His Teachers"

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