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Mohegan Colony. Photos by Valerio ISCA.
Article published on 23 December 2005
last modification on 16 January 2009

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Mohegan Colony 1949
A picnic to fund the Italo-American movement press. From left to right :
Standing up : Massima
Pirani, Armando Borghi,
Rudolf Rocker, Pasquale
Buono, (?) Ciccone, Frank
Loforese, John Vattuone;
Sitting down: Catherine Ciccone,
Sarah Buono, Elvira
Vattuone, Catina Ciulla, Ida
Pilat Isca
From left to right: Augustin Souchy, Rudolf Rocker, Armando Borghi.
Mohegan Colony, 1953
From left to right: Ida Pilat Isca, Milly
Rocker, Rebecca Landsman,
Polly (?), Milly
Rocker’s sister

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