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CHOMSKY, Noam. Chomsky on Anarchism
Article published on 26 December 2005

by r-c.
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Selected and edited by Barry Pateman. Edinburgh, Oakland and West Virginia: AK Press, 2005. 241 p. ISBN 1-904859-20-8.

"Chomsky is regularly identified by the media as a prominent anarchist/libertarian communist/anarcho-syndicalist (pick as many as you like). More importantly he places himself within this political spectrum. Regardless of whether any of these labels fits him perfectly, there can be no doubt that his ideas on social change and the re-structuring of society are worthy of consideration and discussion. "

Barry Pateman, Introduction, March 2005.

Objectivity and Lieral Scholarship

Language and Freedom

Notes on Anarchism

The Relevance of Anarcho-Syndicalism (Interview)

Preface to Antologija anarhizma

Containing the Threat of Democracy

Anarchism, Marxism and Hope for the Future (Interview)

Goals and Visions

Anarchism, Intellectuals and the State (Interview)

Interview with Barry Pateman

Interview with Ziga Vodovnik

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