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KIRITZ, Ori. The Poetics of Anarchy: David Edelshtat’s Revolutionary Poetry
Article published on 5 January 2006
last modification on 28 February 2009

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Lang, Europaischer Verlag der Wissenschaften, Frankfurt, 1997. 210 p. ISBN:0820435341

For those killed at Haymarket

David Edelshtat

Der 11-ter [1]

Again the blood-red banners are fluttering !
Freedom’s holy voice is ringing !
Again the people are reminded
Of the fighters who lived and died for them !
In world history again we will
Turn over and find the page of martyrs
Which is still fresh with the blood of our brothers,
Murdered by money-sacks, church and state !
Five spirits stained with blood will hover
Over the people’s-tribune among suffering slaves ;
And they will give us invincible courage
To live and die for freedom and justice !
They will remind us of the will
Which they left for the workers :
"Fight for your freedom ! No evil beast
Should drive you away from the holy post !"
"Don’t be afraid of the hangmen and their gallows !
Fight and ring the freedom-bell !
And announce to the slaves of all the world
That that very day would be the day of liberation !"
And on both shores of the great ocean
The slaves of all the nations
Will give each other in friendship a brother-hand
And swear to annihilate chains and thrones...

Masses Marching

How long, oh how long
Will you remain enslaved
Bearing the shameful shackles?
How long can you create magnificent riches
For him who robs you of your bread?
How long will you stand stopped back,
Down trodden, homeless, in pain?
It’s dawn, already! Wake up!
Open your eyes!
Recognise your strength of steel!
Notes :

[1November Translated from Yiddish by Ori Kiritz

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