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SALERNO, Salvatore. "Paterson’s Italian Anarchist Silk Workers and the Politics of Race "

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Article published on 15 January 2006
last modification on 23 April 2015

by r-c.
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Working USA, Vol. 8 (September 2005) Issue 5 p. 611

"The article explores how first generation Italian immigrant radicals looked at race as well as their involvement in struggles for national liberation. Italian American anarchist silk workers based in Paterson, New Jersey became part of the Industrial Workers of the World foreign translational network of mixed locals in 1906. In Paterson, the group pioneered multiethnic forms of organizing. Such community-based multiethnic and racial strategies are typically associated with the Congress of Industrial Organization in the 1930s and the English-speaking second generation of industrial workers. In fact, these organizational forms were prevalent with "Latin" first generation immigrants who played important roles as pioneers of the new unionism. This article also challenges the dominant way Italian immigrant radicalism has been portrayed."

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