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GORDON, Gareth.- Horizons of Change: Deconstruction and the Evanescence of Authority.
Article published on 28 January 2006
last modification on 26 April 2015

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This dissertation considers the troubled relationship between Derridean deconstruction and the realm of theory and action that has traditionally been known as ‘politics’. Left-wing critics have not been averse to lambasting all things postmodern for an unprincipled acquiescence in the face of Reaganite and Thatcherite neo-liberalism. This dissertation, though, seeks to demonstrate that Derridean deconstruction is in fact anything but interested in relinquishing political effectivity. The challenge that deconstruction offers is to exactly what the parameters are that delimit the ‘realm of the political’. Derrida’s texts are examined to show how they might problematise the relationship with authority. The ‘political’ consequences of this, I shall argue, point towards the theoretical space occupied by classical anarchism. Thus this dissertation attempts to demonstrate that political quietism is not a necessary corollary of deconstructive thought, but rather that deconstruction complicates and frustrates what has been previously understood as politics.


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Chapter 1. False Start

1.1 Fear of Foucault

1.2 All Around The World And Beyond

Chapter 2. Departures

2.1 What Real Where?

2.2 Infinity Infinity

2.3 Living in the Meantime

2.4 Here Comes the Judge

Chapter 3. The Bridge: Where it Hinges

3.1 Hasty Transpositions

3.2 Wry Smiles and Revolution

3.3 Undeciding

Chapter 4. Journey’s End/New Beginning

4.1 That Real There!

4.2 Tomorrow Today

4.3 Structuring Today

4.4 Momentary Needs

4.5 Living with the Other

Conclusion and Bibliography