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CALDWELL, John Taylor. With fate conspire: memoirs of a Glasgow seafarer and anarchist.
Article published on 16 April 2006
last modification on 30 August 2009

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Bradford, Northern Herald, West Yorkshire, UK, 1999. 230p., illus. ISBN 0952316714

With Fate Conspire is the long-awaited second (and concluding) volume of John Caldwell’s autobiography. The first, Severely Dealt With, was an account of his harsh upbringing in Belfast and Glasgow (1911-1927), and the second volume begins with the sixteen-year-old Caldwell’s first voyage on the transatlantic liners of Glasgow’s Anchor Line. He gives a vivid account of life below deck, with the exploitation and petty tyranny that were the reality of this supposedly glamourous world.

Kate Sharpley Library, Bulletin # 25 ( Jauary 2001)

CIRA, Lausanne

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