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MANAH, Ali A. Aziz (1962-....). "The concept of state according to Proudhon" ["La conception de l’ État chez Proudhon"]

Monday 22 May 2006, by ps

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Thèse doctorat : Philosophie : Besançon sous la dir. de Robert Damien, Université de Franche-Comté. UFR des Sciences du langage, de l’homme et de la société, 2005. 300 f. ; 30 cm. Bibliogr. f. 282-293

Num. national de thèse : 2005BESA1004

The State as social organization is the question which human society has always faced. It seems that the State was accepted as an optimistic idea ; especially when It became constitutional. And even more when It did build limits and borders between individuals, and later between the societies.

It appears that the administrative establishment is not only a means of service; but also a source of authority in the hands of those who control it. The limits and the borders which were made by the State have become an individual and collective prison.

Proudhon has drawn our attention on the miseries of the State, and the idea according to which the State expressed the victory of freedom. By criticizing the State, Proudhon wants to criticize all forms of exploitation of man by man and the government of the man over man. Through his rebellious spirit, Proudhon denounced the social heritage which ensured the longevity of the State and its attributes. He strove to destroy and wipe out the origin of all miseries created by the capitalist thief, maintained and protected by the State. According to Proudhon, how can one create Order without despotism and Freedom without chaos? What is the nature of his social revolution ?