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To Open Across America July 28
Article published on 10 June 2006
last modification on 9 July 2006

by r-c.
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Freedom to Fascism
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CANNES, FRANCE - Aaron Russo’s incendiary political documentary
which exposes many of the governmental organizations and entities
that have abridged the freedoms of U.S. citizens had its international
at Cannes and won a standing ovation. The event, which was held on the
and filled to capacity, was open to the public and drew a crowd of
people who
stood along the boardwalk to watch the film.

Determined to find the law that requires American citizens to pay income
tax, producer Aaron Russo ("The Rose," "Trading Places") set out on a
journey to find the evidence. This film which is neither left, nor
is a startling examination of government. It exposes the systematic
erosion of civil liberties in America since 1913 when the Federal
Reserve system was fraudulently created. Through interviews with U.S.
Congressmen, a former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents
and tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money
creation, federal income tax, and the national identity card which
becomes law in May 2008. This ID card will use Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) chips which are essentially homing devices used
to track people. This film shows in great detail and undeniable facts
that America is moving headlong into a fascist police state. Wake up!

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