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GEMIE, Sharif. "The Ballad of Bourg-Madame: Memory, Exile and the Spanish Republican Refugees of the Retirada of 1939"
International Review of Social History, Amsterdam, 51 (2006) pp. 1-40
Article published on 2 July 2006
last modification on 8 April 2008

by r-c.
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Those fourty pages remind us of the hundreds of thousands who fled Spain, their complex diversity, their remarkable resilience. The article discusses many previous works and offers a noteworthy bibliography,- a fortunate consequence of the author’s previous research on the subject. This is particularly important since, as we know, many of these refugees wrote about their experience and even those who did not write anything made quite a strong impression on a significant number of historians.

Some of the remarks are crucial for any historian of emigration: the journey, - an unusual form of travel,- the strong group identities, the “significant shift in wider power relations”, refugee culture, and many other issues.

Ronald Creagh

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