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MALATESTA, Errico [pseud.] "Learning from our Mistakes: A note on anarchist tactics since Seattle."
Article published on 24 August 2006

by r-c.
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The following articles were posted on the web and as it was likely that they would disappear at some point, for historic reference I thought that they should be preserved. The following viewpoints do not necessarily reflect those of this website, its creator and (or) owner. Dawn One


Having just returned from Cincinnati, it seems as though it’s necessary to do an analysis on anarchist tactics and strategy at anti-globalization protests. We definitely did some things very well in Cincinnati, and I would like to begin by saying that I was very pleased with the Black Bloc there, which was around 250-300 strong (an incredible accomplishment for the Midwest). Of course, we also did some things very wrong, and with the FTAA meeting coming up in Quebec City, I think we have ample time to make sure that we learn from our mistakes.

THE BLACK "BLOC" The whole idea of a Black Bloc is that people wear all black, and stay in a tight formation. If people don’t stay in formation, and wander around with large gaps in-between, well, that’s not a black bloc, that’s a march of anarchists wearing black. A black bloc requires that people stay tight and stay alert. In Cincinnati, we did very well with this idea. People (for the most part) stayed tight and alert, and there were very few instances where gaps became a problem. In DC (IMF Protests), this was a *huge* problem. The Bloc was very loose, and a lot of times, it seemed like people were not alert to what was going on. This luckily didn’t turn too ugly, but if the cops didn’t have their heads so far up their ass, they could have used that opportunity to divide us and make mass arrests. We cannot allow any opportunity for them to do that, an injury to one is an injury to all, remember.

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