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McCONKEY, Mike. "Whither the Municipality? Defining the Municipal in Confederal Municipalism"

Thursday 15 February 2007, by ps

Anarchist Studies, Volume 2, 2003 No.1

" At the very time that confederal municipalism is emerging as an especially relevant, historic solution that could be applied to many of the world’s most pressing problems, there is also becoming evident some serious confusion about the specific character of the confederal municipalist project. This confusion holds the possibility for undermining confederal municipalism’s radical project, and actually legitimating tendencies behind some of the very problems for which confederal municipalism had seemed to promise solutions. A central aspect of the difficulty lies in dispute about the meaning of ’municipal’, in confederal municipalism. By critically engaging three problematic readings of the municipal Ð the statist, urbanocentric and biocentric Ð this article endeavours to clarify the current relevance of confederal municipalism, through addressing the question, Whither the Municipality?"