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NURSEY-BRAY, Paul. "Malatesta and the Anarchist Revolution"
Article published on 17 February 2007

by ps

Anarchist Studies, Volume 3, 2003 No.1

"Malatesta’s approach to revolution is examined in the period 1919-1926. A discussion of his approach to the Russian revolution shows his characteristically anarchist rejection of Lenin’s centralism, and of any notion of a dictatorship of the proletariat. Criticism is made, however, of his tendency to focus on the failure of individual leaders rather than on an analysis of power. Malatesta’s gradualist approach to anarchist revolution is charted in some detail. His realistic appraisal of the problems of a revolutionary transition, especially the problem of political consciousness, is analysed at length. It is argued that, in his approach to the problems of revolution in the twentieth century, Malatesta develops ideas, albeit in a more rudimentary fashion, that mirror the important conclusions and arguments elaborated by his younger Marxist contemporary Antonio Gramsci"