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GARCIA, Miguel García. Looking Back After Twenty Years of Jail: Questions & Answers on the Spanish Anarchist Resistance
Article published on 19 March 2007

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Miguel GARCIA (1908-1981)

Kate Sharpley Library, 2002. 16 pages, A5 Pamphlet. ISBN 1-873605-03-X

When we lost the war, those who fought on became the Resistance. But,
to the world, the Resistance had become criminals, for Franco made the
laws, even if, when dealing with political opponents, he chose to
break the laws established by the constitution; and the world still
regards us as criminals. When we are imprisoned, liberals are not
interested, for we are ’terrorists’. They will defend the prisoners of
conscience, for they are innocent; they have suffered from tyranny,
but not resisted it.
I was among the guilty. I fought, I fell, I survived. The last is the
more unusual.

Miguel Garcia was one of the survivors of the libertarian resistance which
refused, either at the end of the Spanish Civil War or World War Two, to
give up the fight for freedom.
This pamphlet contains an interview from shortly after Miguel Garcia’s
arrival in London in 1969. In it, he explains the motivation and methods
of the resistance. It is complemented by some of Miguel’s letters to the
press and introduced by a tribute from the Kate Sharpley Library.

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