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2007 September 7-9. Florence (Italy) 3rd International Anarchist and Libertarian Bookfair
Firenze, 7-8-9 sett. 2007 3a Vetrina internazionale dell’editoria anarchica e libertaria
Article published on 20 April 2007

by r-c.
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Florence, 4th November 2006

To publishers, groups, organizations

Following the success of the 2nd Anarchist and Libertarian Book Fair, organized by the Florentine Libertarian Collective( CLF), in the meeting of the4th September2006, the CLF, has decided to organize a 3rd Anarchist and Libertarian Book Fair, on the 7th, 8th and 9th of September 2007 .

The event, will have international participation, and will include a series of artistic and cultural events covering an intense three-day meeting (Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday).

There will be presentations of works and publications stemming from the libertarian milieu, without restrictions, comprehending events proposed by the CLF itself and by the participants.

These events will take place within and around the exhibition of the libertarian press in all its aspects. In this context, the presentation and discussion on recently published books, compact discs, videos, and performances will be of paramount importance. We welcome also authors, editors, and publishers who will be able to present their most recent works. The presence of the authors and/or publishers at the exhibition, though not essential will be welcomed. Thus, authors and/or publishers would be able to highlight their works. In case authors and/or publishers cannot be present, their works could still be on show.

Please contact the CLF as soon as possible to express your interest in participating both on human and financial terms. As for the former editions, the economical and organizational effort is enormous: the theatre booking and renting has to be full filled by the beginning of March 2007. For all these reasons we ask your support: active, economical and in terms of propaganda.

Any facility, or space required, and necessary equipment will be provided by the CLF. Any section, stand or pavilion of the exhibition will be located in town or within easy reach by means of public transport. Any suggestions for promoting and advertising the event, will be gratefully received. Please forward this message to websites, mailing lists, and lesser-known addresses (especially for those of Anarchist Federations and Organizations).


All application forms to be completed and sent by the 15th of April 2007 to:

Sergio Mechi

via Montisoni 11

50011 Antella (FI)


Best regards and libertarian greetings

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