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COHN, Jesse. "Breaking the Frame: Anarchist Comics and Visual Culture"
Article published on 27 August 2007
last modification on 25 April 2015

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Chad McCail, Evolution Is Not Over Yet (1999)

Comics, like much of "high" modern culture, bear the trace of a certain historic association with the anarchist movements of the late nineteenth and early-to-mid-twentieth centuries. Patricia Leighten has established that seminal modernists such as Pablo Picasso, Frantisek Kupka, and Juan Gris honed their abstractionist techniques through their early apprenticeship as political caricaturists for anarchisant anti-militarist/anti-clerical journals such as L’Assiette au beurre, the anarcho-syndicalist Voix du Peuple, and the anarcho-communist Les Temps nouveaux (18, 24-25); David Kunzle has shown how this same Parisian anarcho-aesthetic milieu became a laboratory for the elaboration of the same techniques which were quickly being commodified by media magnates like Hearst across the Atlantic (History of the Comic Strip 190-214). What has not been well documented are the ways in which anarchists themselves have attempted to take stock of or intervene in these developments.

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