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Bibliography of "Modern Times", Long Island (NY)
Article published on 21 June 2003
last modification on 16 October 2008

by r-c.
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- ADAMS, Grace and Edward Hutter, "Promoting Utopia and a New Messiah", "The Sovreigns Seek Harmony at Modern Times", in The Mad Forties. New York: Harper: 1942, pp. 271-294.

Only notices the eccentricities.

- Aldridge, Alfred Owen. "Mysticism in Modern Times, Long Island", Americana, 36 (1842) 555-570

- BERNARD, Luther L. and Jessie. "The Direct Influence of Comte: The Modern Times Experiment," in The Origins of American Sociology. New York : Thomas Y. Crowell, 1943, pp. 161-176.

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- LINTON, Edward F., 1855. Fifty Years after at Brentwood, Long Island, May 30th, 1905, n.p. [8 p.]. By a former member of the Modern Times Community.

- SPURLOCK, John Calvin. « Anarchy & Community at Modern Times, 1851-1863 », Communal Societies 3 (1983): 29-47

- WUNDERLICH, Roger. Low Living and High Thinking at Modern Times, New York (1851-1864), New York: Syracuse University Press, 1992.

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