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ATKINSON, Joshua. "Analysing Resistance Narratives at the North American Gathering: A Method for Analyzing Social Justice Alternative Media

Wednesday 9 January 2008, by ps

Journal of Communication Inquiry (2006) 30(3): 251-272.

Abstract by author

In this study, a methodological framework is established for the examination of resistance narratives in alternative media texts. Using the concepts of narrative paradigm, narrative fragmentation, constitutive elements of narrative, and hegemonic and/or emancipatory resistance, the author analyzed the manner of resistance within narrative fragments in alternative media circulated at the 2002 North American Anarchist Gathering. Qualitative content analysis identified the constitutive elements of cultural values and identity that showed an overarching narrative of resistance in the alternative media texts at the Gathering. The author then assessed the narrative based on Mumby’s notions of hegemonic and emancipatory resistance. The analysis demonstrated an overarching narrative about egalitarianism, while hindering capitalists’ ability to manipulate workers, which could be both hegemonic and emancipatory.