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KIM, Yoon-shik. "KAPF [Korea Artista Proletaria Federacio] Literature in Modern Korean Literary History "
Article published on 18 January 2008
last modification on 21 February 2016

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Positions : East Asia Cultures Critique, 14 (2006): no. 2. - pp. 405-425 Bolshevist attack on anarchists

Korean literature in the mid-1920s, had KAPF (Korea Artista Proletaria Federacio) literature as its center.


The article introduces a model developed for explaining modern Korean literature. The terms modern, Korean and literature, which comprise the phrase modern Korean literature, are analyzed. The differences and similarities between the socialist movement and the national movement are discussed as well as the differences and similarities between anarchism and the idea of class politics


"The socialist movements of the mid-1920s in Korea indiscriminately
mixed Marxism, anarchism, nihilism, Feuerbachism, and Fukumotoism.13
Yet as soon as KAPF began to transform into a more rigid organization
adhering more strictly to what were thought of as Marxist principles, it had
to extricate itself from the other factions that competed for influence over
the organization"

"The radical individualism of anarchism may not have been realistic in the
world of actual politics, but it did have the advantage in art because it championed self-realization in the strongest sense of the word. Indeed, KAPF’s defeat of anarchism, no matter how indispensable it was to the consolidation of the organization, brought an anemic blight to its socialist literary production. This impoverishment of its literature was repeated as a result of the debates on form and content (November 1926 to February 1927)."

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