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HAALAND, Bonnie. Emma Goldman. Sexuality and the Impurity of the State
Article published on 9 February 2008

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Black Rose Books Ltd, 1993. 201 p. ISBN-10: 1895431646;
ISBN-13: 978-1895431643.

Review: Gisele M. Thibault,
Canadian Journal of Sociology / Cahiers canadiens de sociologie, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Spring, 1995), pp. 272-275.

"A fascinating and provocative account of the ideas, and cultural/intellectual milieu of ... Emma Goldman... whom she redits as advancing both anarchism and feminism through her altering ’a tradition of androcentric theory-construction among anarhists – an exclusionary tradition which neglected women on the grounds that they were ’private’, and therefore outsidethe scope of ’public’ theory’ (p. 182. "

The philosophical influences of Kropotkin, Ibsen, Havelock Ellis and Freud on Goldman.

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