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The Mormon Worker

Wednesday 27 February 2008, by ps

The Mormon Worker is an independent newspaper/journal devoted to promoting Mormonism, Anarchism, and Pacifism. The founders of the Mormon Worker feel that Mormon theology is not only compatible with, but genuinely supportive of, Anarchist political philosophy and pacifism, and are therefore interested in exposing fellow members of the Mormon Church to these political viewpoints. The Mormon Worker is not devoted to criticizing the institution and leadership of the Mormon Church, but rather to informing its members of the virtually forgotten radical elements of their religious tradition, as well as to providing Mormons with radical religious commentary on current political and economic events. The Mormon Worker is published and edited by active members of the Mormon Church, though it contains some articles written by members of other faiths and atheists as well. The opinions expressed in the Mormon Worker are not the offical views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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