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Article published on 15 December 2003
last modification on 28 June 2006
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"Crass by name, even worse by nature,

like it or not, they just won’t go away.

Crass are the distempered dog end of

rock ’n roll’s once bright and vibrant rebellion".

Steve Sunderland

"They dressed in black and the banners were red, white and black, it was all very dramatic...

An album devoted to feminist issues! It was unheard of then. We loved them without really liking the music, though we copied it for a while. They made us realise we could have aspirations which were much bigger than being a band, they made us see we could be part of a movement which could change the world."

"Crass were enormously influential in the early eighties. They were probably responsible for giving the anarchist movement it’s strongest influx of new blood this century. A lot of Crass peace-punks crossed over from music into politics, and most of the British mid-thirties politicos (who are still active) have their roots in that music scene. But it’s notable that those people who are still politically active aren’t at all interested in peace-punk."


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