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Russian Socialists and Anarchists after October 1917
Article published on 16 May 2008
last modification on 28 December 2010

by r-c.
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The Russian civil rights association "Memorial", which is best known for its active
contribution to the exposure of Stalinist crimes, has now stepped into a historical terrain quite
unusual in the post-Soviet context. Its new web-portal (in Russian) "Rossijskie socialisty i anarchisty posle
Oktjabrja 1917 goda
" ("Russian Socialists and Anarchists after October 1917",
deals with left-wing non-Bolshevik politicians and revolutionaries,
and their resistance against Bolshevik rule. The portal, maintained by a team around
Konstantin Morozov (an acknowledged historian of the SR movement), focuses on
Mensheviks, Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) and Anarchists. In addition to a Biographical
Encyclopedia, a photo archive and a section of digitized documents, the portal offers an
immense amount of full-text publications – books and articles by the historical protagonists
(often very rare and nearly impossible to find elsewhere) as well as scholarly monographs,
articles and bibliographies on various subjects of the field. The portal functions not only as a
source of information, but also as a communication tool within the growing community of
Russian scholars dealing with the history of the non-Bolshevik Left. The site’s forum is
frequently used to share information on new conferences and publications, and a discussion
section features concise articles on historiographical controversies and debates.

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