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2008 October-December.- Montreal Canada: Popular Education Workshops and Discussions

Monday 29 September 2008, by ps

People’s Global Action (Montreal) & the Popular Education Committee of the Autonomous Social Center presents:

Popular Education Workshops and Discussions

At the Carrefour d’éducation populaire de Pointe Saint-Charles
2356 rue Centre (métro Charlevoix)

Monday evening workshops and discussions, to share knowledge, ideas and

Free & welcome to all!


MONDAY, September 29 at 7pm

The Mysterious Riot

Quebec City 1917, Quebec City 2001, Montreal-Nord 2008 ∑ Riots have always
frightened the ruling classes. The dominant ideologues have tried to
discredit riots by all means at their disposal. Riots are supposedly
’irrational’, ’violent’, and a product of the ’rabble’, ’troublemakers’ and
’rock-throwers’. Through an analysis of some of Quebec’s past riots, we will
see what are the actual characteristics of a riot, beyond the stereotypes.
What are the factors leading to a riot? Who takes part? Are there particular
characteristics of riots? Can we associate a precise political ideology with
riots? To what extent are they strategic? Together, we will try to
understand a bit better this form of rebellion.

Presented by Marc-André Cyr, anarchist activist.

Monday, OCTOBER 6 at 7pm

Status for Kader!: Over 1,000 days in sanctuary

Abdelkader Belaouni (Kader), a non-status Algerian man, has been in
sanctuary at Saint Gabriel’s Church since January 1, 2006 in order to avoid
an unjust deportation order. Kader’s story is representative of migration in
the 21st century. He has struggled against dehumanizing bureaucracy to be
treated with dignity and respect; he has inspired abroad network of support
and resistance; and he has refused to be crushed by two and a half years of
imprisonment. This workshop will look at his struggle and the various
aspects and tactics of his campaign for status.

Presented by members of the Committee to Support Abdelkader Belaouni
info: www.soutienpourkader.net

Monday, OCTOBER 20 at 7pm

An Introduction to Participatory Economics

What would a post-capitalist economy look like? How would we manage our
resources and needs consistent with principles of equality and justice,
while at the same time being free and efficient? Participatory economics is
perhaps a step towards a response. This idea puts forward a third economic
model which tries to move beyond classic liberal and Marxist models. This
workshop will provide an introduction to this model followed by a discussion
on the topic.

Presented by Anna Kruzynski and Pascal Lebrun, members of La Pointe

Monday, NOVEMBER 3 at 7pm

Ecological struggles in Quebec; how to be radical and effective

Yes, you’re probably aware already, throughout the world, the environmental
situation is alarming. While various groups rise up to try to stop the
disaster and repair the damage, others hide behind "sustainable development"
to mask their damage to the environment. Quebec is not an exception and the
struggles here are numerous: from forests to waste management, from water
quality to food security, from mega natural gas projects to uranium mining,
and much more. What would we say by way of an assessment about the
environmental and ecological problems in this corner of the Earth on which
we live? And, if we feel like it, why not add an eco-feminist and
anti-colonial analysis?

A participatory presentation by Maude Prud’homme, member of the Independent
Media Center in Montreal, the Réseau québécois des groupes écologistes
(RQGE), and an ecofeminist activist.

Monday, NOVEMBER 17 at 7pm

Diverse experiences of autonomous social centres

In this workshop we will address the diverse experiences of autonomous
social centers. What is an autonomous social center ? How do they operate ?
What are the issues and reasons for their evictions. Some of the experiences
we’ll share are based in Europe: the 400 Couverts Squat in Grenoble and the
Tanneries Squat in Dijon; in Canada: the Frances Street Squat in Vancouver
and the Pope Squat in Toronto; and here in Quebec: the Chevrotière Squat in
Quebec City and the Overdale-Prefontaine Squat in Montreal. We will end the
workshop with a presentation on the Autonomous Social Center in

Presented by Nancy Breault & Pascal Lebrun, who are involved in the
installation committee of the Autonomous Social Center, and some invited

Monday, DECEMBER 1st at 7pm

Resistance 2010!: The links between the G8, SPP, the Olympics and local

What are the links between the G8, the North American Security and
Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the upcoming 2010 Olympics? How are these
issues linked to our local struggles for justice, dignity and
self-determination. This multi-media presentation ˆ including photos and
videos — will look back at recent movements of contestation against the G8
(Genoa, Kananaskis/Ottawa) and SPP (Montebello), and at current resistance
to the Olympics in "British Columbia". Looking ahead to 2010, when all three
events will take place in Canada, this presentation will provide a basic
framework to discuss and debate about how to mobilize against these
manifestations of capitalist and colonial power and oppression, linked to
our tangible local campaigns and projects.

Presented by members of the People’s Global Action (PGA) Bloc in Montreal
info: www.amp-montreal.net


All presentations in French, with whisper translation towards English.

Childcare available on request (please phone 48 hours in advance).
The Carrefour d’éducation populaire is wheelchair accessible.

Please get in touch about any special needs.

Workshops previously presented:

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- Migration, Borders and Global Apartheid
(by a member of No One Is Illegal-Montreal, July 14)
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(by members of the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, September 15)


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