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SARTWELL, Crispin. " An Anarchism: American Utopias and Josiah Warren
Article published on 16 October 2008
last modification on 27 April 2015

by r-c.
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Crispin Sartwell was born 6.20.58 in DC. His Dad (and his and his) were DC newspapermen. His Mom and Step-pa were high school teachers and later organic farmers. He got kicked out of the public school system in tenth grade for fomenting revolution, and attended the New Education Project, aka Bonzo Ragamuffin Prep, then U Maryland, Johns Hopkins, UVA. He worked as a copy boy in 1980-81 at the Washington Star, where he started writing about pop music. He was a freelance rock critic through the eighties for, among others the Balt City Paper, Record Mag, High Fidelity, and Melody Maker.

He lives in Glen Rock, PA with his wife, the writer Marion Winik, and their five children. He’s Visiting Associate Prof of Political Science at Dickinson College. He writes a weekly op-ed column, distributed by Creators Syndicate. He has also appeared in Harper’s, the Washington Post, and on Weekend All Things Considered.

He (or perhaps I) is the author and editor of a number of books, and he’s taught philosophy and communications at Vanderbilt, the Unversity of Alabama, and Penn State Harrisburg.


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