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March 14, North Shields (UK).- 25th Anniversary of the start of the Miners Strike event and the 3rd Working Class Bookfair
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Saturday, March 14, 2009 11:00am - 4:00pm

Linskill centre

Linskil Terrace (Trevor Terrace leads to the venue too)

North Shields, United Kingdom

Contact Info :

Phone : 07931301901


This is an event to mark the political importance of the Miners Strike
25 years on. There will be meetings all day in a different room to the
bookfair which is going to be in a large hall. There is also a cafe all

So far the General Secretary (Davy Hopper) and the President (Davy Guy)
of the Durham Miners have agreed to speak at the 12.30 meeting. David
Hopper was in charge of the NUM strike organisation in and around
Sunderland - 1984 and ’85.

Other meetings include ;

The Industrial Workers of the World - who we are and why we say one big
union is needed.

The Credit Crunch - causes, struggles and collectivising working class

This combined event is part of efforts to build @ New Left for the 21st
century in these credit crunched times. Come along and take part in
these relaxed discussions in a very pleasant community venue, different
groups who use the venue are to be invited to participate as well as a
broad range of booksellers covering hobbies, sports as well as history,
economics, politics and so on.

flèche Sur le web : Click on this line to reach the Facebook event address (Unfortunately you must be registered with Facebook to view that page)

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